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Dear colleagues


It is our great honor and pleasure to welcome you to the Tenth Annual International Congress of Psychiatry, during February 15-16, 2017 in Cairo, Egypt.

The theme of the Congress will be “Psychiatry in the 21st Century: Integration vs. Isolation. After the great success of our earlier conferences that addressed different topics, challenges and problems in psychiatry practice only, we decided to move on to go deeper, diving into a sophisticated biological, medical, social and cultural problems that we face in practice.


Psychiatric teaching, care and services are an essential integral component of medical and public health, with a significant impact on health, humanity and community. We are happy and would be credited to work and share the experience within a multidisciplinary team, with allied colleagues in different medical specialties.

A special focus of the Congress will be the dialogue between neurosciences, medical, behavioural and social sciences; overcoming the traditional separation between the domains of biology and human relationships, which has misled for too long our profession and public opinion.

The Congress will bring together some of the best minds in mental and physical health. We are happy to provide a platform for psychiatrists, physicians, surgeons, clinicians, researchers, health practitioners as well as mental health professionals and share their views.

We are developing an array of activities that will allow participants the opportunity to interact and network with colleagues from different specialties and around the world.

The Congress will be providing a platform for discussion and debate, offering an outstanding set of plenary and state of the art lectures, educational courses, symposia, workshops and oral sessions.

We are confident that the Congress will represent for all participants an unforgettable personal and professional experience, and we look forward to welcoming you in the Learning Resource Centre LRC, Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.


Congress President

Prof. Azza El Bakry

Head of Psychiatry Department

Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University

Design and Develop : Ahmed Saber Elmorsy
0020 1224757188