Oral presentation 1


Zinc Deficiency in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder                                   

Dr. Dina Youssri (Cairo University)           


Psychiatric comorbidities in a sample of ADHD children in pediatric psychiatric clinics of El-Dakahlia Hospital of Mental Health

Dr. Mohamed Ramadan (Fayoum University)


Psychological impact of pregnancy on adolescents and adults:

a comparative study

Dr. Maie Helmy (Cairo University)



Oral presentation 2


Plasma homocysteine in first episode schizophrenia: one year outcome, a prospective study   

Assis. Prof. Mohamed El Sayed (Cairo University)


Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia and genetic expression of GABA using human induced pluripotent stem cells                    

Dr. Dalia Khalifa (Cairo University)


New treatment options for resistant depression

Prof. Ali Ismail (Azhar University)


Vitamin D level and its relation to clinical features of major depressive disorder

Dr. Sandra Elsessy (Cairo University)




Oral presentation 3


Psychopathological characteristics of Egyptian patients with Rheumatologic diseases                 

Dr. Shirin El Makawi (Cairo University)


An outpatient counseling group for adults with chronic pain

Dr. Reem Dief (AUC)


Epilepsy and EEG Findings in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Mohamed Ramadan (Fayoum University)


Academic, personal, and social stresses on medical students

Dr. Sherif Abdellatif (Suez Canal University)





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