Symposium 1

Vaginismus: When sex hurts

Prof. Aref Khoweiled (Cairo University)
Prof. Abdel Maguid Ramzi (Cairo University)
Prof. Mona Reda (Ain Shams University)



Symposium 2

Multidisciplinary intervention in children with developmental disorders


Psychological aspects of hearing impairment

Prof. Ola Shahin  (Cairo University)                                              


Central hearing processing & its role in childhood developmental disorders             

Prof. Tarek Ghanoom  (Cairo University)                                         


The fluency plus program                                     

Prof. Rasha Safwaat (Cairo University)                             


Working Memory, Processing Speech and Learning difficulties                                             

Dr. Aisha Fawzi (Cairo University)                                           


Central Auditory Processing in Children with  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Dr. Asmaa Abdel Hamid (Cairo University)



Symposium 3

Neurophysiology & Psychiatry  



Prof. Ann Abdel Kader (Cairo University)


Obstructive sleep apnea in epilepsy

Assis. Prof. Neveen El Fayoumy (Cairo University)


Polysomnographic analysis of ADHD

Assis. Prof. Amira Labib (Cairo University)


Polysomnography findings in psychiatric disorders
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Fatah (Cairo University)



Industrial symposium 4

Prof. Said Abdel Azim (Cairo University)




Symposium 5

Dermatology & Psychiatry


Skin problems, Dermatologists? Psychiatrists? or both?

Prof. Heba Mashaly (Cairo University)                          


Camouflaging, a deceit or a real line of treatment

Assis. Prof. Rehab Hegazy (Cairo University)


Growing old is inevitable, feeling young and vital is optional. Role of facial injectables

Prof. Nahla Hantar (Cairo University)


Role of Psychiatrist in the Multidisciplinary Team

Prof. Heba Fathy (Cairo University)



Symposium 6

Management in Addiction


Suboxone & Probuphine: the future of these medicines in addiction care

Dr. Mattew Torrington (UCLA, USA)


Chronic Pain and Addiction

Assis. Prof. Larissa Mooney (UCLA, USA)


Neural and Cognitive Contributions to Denial in Methamphetamine Users

Assis. Prof. Andrew Dean (UCLA, USA)



Symposium 7

Adolescent females with Borderline personality disorder from tragedy to achievement using group therapy


The non-stop pendulum: dynamic approach

Prof. Mohamed Nasr (Cairo University)                                    


Too many domains, too much complaints: dimensional assessment                                       

Dr. Nagwan Madbouly (Cairo University)                                   


The struggle & healing in families of borderline patients: a parent centered approach

Dr. Doaa Riad (Cairo University)                                               


From individual perspective to group orientation                                                             

Dr. Mohamed Farouk (Cairo University)



Symposium 8

Obesity: Get the facts on guidelines


Prof. Mohamed Nasr (Cairo University)                                     

Prof. Amr Mattar (Cairo University)                                              

Prof. Ashraf Bakr (Cairo University)


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