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Dear colleagues

It is our great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the Eleventh Annual International Congress of Psychiatry, during 21-22 February, 2018 in Cairo, Egypt.


The theme of the Congress will be “Personalized versus Manualized Psychiatry”.

We are in the midst of a paradigm shift in the field of psychiatry, to find specific clinical and biological signals that help clinicians and patients decide what the precise best treatment is. Two philosophical approaches to the implementation of optimal health care are competing — the emerging interest and application of personalized medicine and the use of evidence-based guidelines and manuals. Even though both approaches have important merits, they both can present conflicting priorities that must be reconciled before they can be best implemented.


Personalized medicine in psychiatry has progressed rapidly in the past decade; most of the findings are not yet ready for clinical application. In as much as theory-driven, evidence-based and manualized treatments have been evaluated in numerous randomized controlled trials, research and clinical practice.

We are committed to improving the health care of psychiatric patients through raising standards of knowledge, updating research as well as clinical training and practice.With the contribution of our distinguished experts and your interactive participation, this conference offers an international perspective, a diversified wealth of information that could be applied in day-to-day practice.


We look forward to seeing you in Cairo, in the Learning Resource Center, Kasr Al Ainy Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.



Congress President

Prof. Azza El Bakry

Head of Psychiatry Department

Faculty of Medicine - Cairo University


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